Startups from the ground up

Imagine you sit with your friend in a Coffee shop and BOOM, this million dollar idea just came to you guys, so unexpectedly. There is a quite fine line between having this million dollar idea and having million dollars - it’s called execution. That’s where you hire our great think tank!

We will consult you for free and provide execution roadmap so the million dollar can become true for you. How will we do it? We have established proven process through which we will.
Discuss Your Idea
Discuss and assess your idea with you, clarifying what is your objective and what would be the best way to approach it (10%) We won’t charge you here, we will deliver a roadmap so you can take it home so you can reassess your project.
Search the market
Provide comprehensive market research, so you will know what your competition is up to, and what pieces are already out there to help your idea succeed.
Design the scope
At this stage you should have pretty good understanding whats needed for you to develop from the idea to working prototype. We will design scope and action items for prototype.
Deliver the demo
And there you are, demo in your hands, prototype ready to prove the concept. We will help you arrange demo for investors/potential users and guide you how to make best use of what you already have.
Demo went well and feedback is positive? Great! Time for action. This time we will start closing loose ends and buttoning up designs so the first version of your product can be available for the audience as soon as possible.
The day you have been waiting for, your product is ready to launch. Do you know what needs to be there in order for you to succeed in a harsh reality of todays market? Don’t worry, we do! And we will make sure you will know, too!
You’re overwhelmed with your idea being monetized, but what next? Well, Markets demand will require you to maintain and enhance your concept to stay competitive. We have few business models to support that and we will make sure we will tailor one to your needs.

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