Snapsportz is a new hot thing in action sports and we proudly announce that as Keyboarders we are part of this initiative. Keyboarders’ team is responsible for design and development of software architecture that supports Snapsportz. Snasportz’s patented location based system and software allows for the automated capture and user linking of images in real time for user viewing and consumption. RFID allows the organization of millions of photos into an organized system that only displays a user’s.

Some key features of the system

1. Strong social media integration thru custom website and Facebook applications
2. Innovative, new to the public, photo applications.
3. Automated pictures and web branding.
4. Easily customizable web interface and dashboard

Our team was supporting Snapsportz during following events

1. DewTour 2010 Breckenridge, CO
2. The Truth Terrain Park, Brighton, UT ( Feb –Mar 2011)
3. Nike 6.0 Rail Jam - Mt Seymour 2011
4. Nike Chosen Snap at Lincoln Park , June 2011

Snapsportz Media Inc
Release Date
10 April 2012
Service Type
Web Solutions


Lukasz and the guys at Keyboarders are incredible- our client came to us with a last minute project and the guys at Keyboarders came through in flying colors.
—Ben Kottke CEO Snapsportz Media Inc