Objective Management Suite


Objective management suite is a collection of 3 software programs that have been designed specifically for private practice owners. These programs assist in maximing potential and providing information capturing loses and incomes.


Client created great methodology and business processess to manage private practice production and customer relationships. Over the years they used excels and excel programmes to add and enhances their processes and systems, distributing these excels to end clients for monthly charges. Their goal was to unify and expose their business processess and methodologies trough consolided system.


After analyse and design phase with client its been decided to migrate their excels and access databases into online Software as a Service website, where clients from around the nation could subscribe to the service by making online payments and then log in to their accounts and manage their businesses, staff and see all reports real time.

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Arthur and his team have produced a great product for our company which is a objective statistical analysis program for our client base of private practice medical professionals. We have been very happy with the product itself, the interaction, cooperation and timely delivery of production. We would highly recommend Keyboarders.com to anyone wishing to get a great program developed for their company.
—Chuck Jacobs