Mobile development

It is now more than common that mobile devices have totally changed the market of Internet and networking industry so rapidly and vastly that being a part of this world is mandatory to be competitive.

Be responsive

Modern websites are not so modern if your 19 year old cousin can't open it on her phone. Your company doesn't really represent well, if you require your employees to scroll through prehistorical website on their tiny phones or tablets, just to get to this one piece of information they are looking for. Let us design websites and designs adjusting to your device and displaying information in best possible manner.

Stay compatible

Your target audience is divided between iphones and android phones? They still want to you PC to access product/website via internet? We specialize in hybrid approach allowing your websites and products work well on all these devices, and even some more. No, we can't make it work on your refrigerator, yet.

Share location

Today mobile applications rely heavily on integration with social networks and the location of the user. How about we implement both? You tell us where are the limits, so you can track.

Be always connected

Lack of connectivity can put constraints on many businesses' apps, but worry no more, we got you covered. We use frameworks and technologies allowing you to finish your work on the plane, and synchronize with your system right after you touch down.

Do it securely

We put huge emphasis on security of your data and transmission between your mobile devices and centralized systems/cloud.

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