Million Dollar Website


We had a chance to work on this project, and create its unique identity, so all marketing aspects could be covered in every detail. Our client wanted to start a new business based on an advertisement and charity. How can you combine two such a different topics into a single one? The answer is by building a portal with a million pixels grid, so everybody could buy a certain amount of pixels and put an advertisement inside. Half of collected money were transferred to one of five listed charity organizations.


To create a corporate identity, portal, presentation and much more we couldn't just use a single technology. Our back end software was based on PHP and MySql database, and our front end was built in PHP, JavaScript, Ajax and ActionScript technologies.


The most intense part of the project was timing. We had very little time to create a portal, presentation and all required marketing materials. Because of the fact that final product could be separated into smaller parts we decided to divide each task into smaller projects. All sub-projects were allocated into a different teams after we were sure that we could guarantee a full consistency. We were able to use our full strength and work on the project 24h a day, simply by using our people in two branches: USA and Poland.


We were very happy with the final result. We've came up with a strong and outstanding design which in collaboration with overall functionality gave our client a successful product. The client and other people who participated in a presentation were amazed by its quality in every detail.