Make my books


Our client was looking for a way to build an application to create a book online. But not just a web application, and not just a simple book. The main goal was to run it on every browser, every operating system, and what's more even on a mobile devices. The application should be able to create a book in high resolution for printing purposes. In only few clicks the whole book should be saved and ready to be printed.


Because of the overall assumption that this application should be cross platform, we decided to build it in Adobe Flex technology, so we can unleash all it's power and features especially in terms of consistency, look and feel, and also customization.


The whole process was the hardest thing in compare to other steps. We had only 1 month to plan, develop, optimize, test and deliver a final stable product. To reach this deadline we used all our skills and pushed everybody to their limits in order to succeed. That is why we had to rearrange a whole development part, so we could focus on biggest problems on a very early stage and eliminate any blockers as soon as possible. One of these things was to produce a high resolution PDFs which should be prepared for printing with all artistry. The approach was accurate...


After exactly 1 month the application was ready. We were able to deliver the final product to the client successfully. All assumptions were met, even these which were not listed in a scope. We did it because not only clients needs are the most important thing for us, but also people who will use this application. That is why we try to put that much effort into user experience, so every single user can enjoy creating a book not thinking about how to do things.

Release Date
1 August 2012
Service Type
Web Solutions


Working with Matt and Keyboarders was a perfect match. Their expertise was critical to our project. The end-product was delivered on time and worked flawlessly. I would recommend Keyboarders to anyone who needs a hard-working product that's professionally developed. I was incredibly impressed with their knowledge of the industry and how that translated across the life cycle of the development process. I was completely worry-free through the entire process.
—Jon Nixon