Keyboarders Heroes

Emergency projects recovery

If you are facing a risk that your I.T. project won’t be delivered by your current supplier and this will significantly impact your business, KeyBoarders Heroes can save your business.



Get in touch with us

One of our consultants can meet you same day to discuss the matter and offer you a free advisory over a cup of coffee. We would like to understand the challenge you are facing.

  • Do you have a paid TV campaign scheduled and your current supplier is not able to deliver the new website on time?
  • Are you tired of constantly hearing ‘we don’t have resources to do it’
  • Was your project supposed to be delivered last year and you still haven’t seen any of it?
  • Your hosting agreement is expiring in December and your website is going to be ready in March? (next year?!)

Tell us about it and we will see how we can help you!


Receive a summary of recommendations

After the meeting our consultant will send you a shot summary of recommendations.

  • We don’t overpromise impossible things.
  • We are always honest and reasonable.
  • We are not a group of salesmen but I.T. projects delivery specialists.
  • If we don’t believe we can help you, we will tell you this straight away. But if we can, we will take all necessary steps to make sure that this happens quickly.

Together with recommendations you will receive a quick estimate explaining next steps and cost proposal associated with them.


Make a Go / No Go decision

After receiving KeyBoarders recommendations, you may decide whether to employ us to help you or not. You can do it by simply signing off our proposal. We won’t be hiring 100 lawyers and spending another 100 days to have the deal finalised because your project requires immediate actions and we won’t be wasting your time.

  • If you said YES, please go to step 4.
  • If you said NO, that’s fine. We hope we will be able to offer you other services in the future. Please look at for more information.

Stayed tuned

KeyBoarders consultants will immediately jump into action straight away

  • We are transparent in everything we do. If we require an additional input from your side / resources / time, you will know this immediately.
  • You will be informed about the status on daily basis.
  • You will notice the change and see the recovery from the day one since you appointed KeyBoarders

Learn from us

Once the process is finished, we will share with you our recommendation on how to avoid emergency projects and possible next steps for another phases. Although we would be very pleased if you do, you don’t need to appoint KeyBoarders for further phases.

Keyboarders Heroes services are currently available only in UK.

Request for contact

Hi KeyBoarders,

I am interested in obtaining more information regarding Keyboarders Heroes. I also would like to share my thoughts about my project. Please get back to me immediately on the following email address: