Crocus Modeller


This oppoprtunity was brought to us as something revolutionary in web, mobile and desktop applications for Flex and ActionScript technology. The first application written in Flex for designing code and architecture in UML and exporting it to pure AS3 and/or Flex stubs. Our goal was to deliver, support, maintain and improve given product to meet wider audience needs.


As this product is marked as never ended we already knew the technology as well as the business background. To deliver high quality, stability and accessibility we were focused mainly on providing continuous integration environment to perfom variety of tests. User acceptance tests were crucial before every release due to two main factors: product is an installable application on Windows, Mac and Linux, it can be used from single developers to big enterprises around the world.


We had to be able to deliver new product features and bug fixes fast, react quickly and be very sensitive to adapting to customer needs. Nothing could be more suitable in this case than Agile, which we followed from an early access. Waterfall methodology simply wouldn't be effective and we would loose much more time on unnecessary planning.


Results comes after each iteration as we are mainly focused on stability and maintaining high quality of the product, we continously improve it. We don't consider it to be put in any final result or state ever, due to high number of areas which we can still incorporate into this product. New features, integration with variety of frameworks, libraries and approaching TDD, opens much more capabilities for our customers than we could list here.

Crocus Modeller
Release Date
1 August 2012
Service Type
Desktop Applications