One who redefines the stereotype of computer nerd and does not hide behind a monitor mumbling in binary. One who takes the exotic animal that is new technology and tames it to a domesticated and humble beast. Especially, one who does not shiver in the face of adversity, but calls with good humor:
No problem is unsolvable, with KeyBoarders by your side!

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Bringing passion back to I.T.

We started this company to offer an alternative to the current definition of success in I.T. projects. After living in the world of I.T. consulting for years our leadership team had watched quite a few projects be declared successful even after overspending, schedule slippage and missed business requirements. In every case this resulted in additional cost and rework. After a while we got to thinking… There has to be a better way. I.T. projects should be a passion, an exciting challenge to create - not an affliction. And with that thought KeyBoarders was born.

KeyBoarders offers a wide range of I.T. consulting services designed to implement technical solutions that meet a client’s unique business needs. We are skilled in project management, database solutions and architecture, web and application development and technical consulting. Most importantly, we are skilled in delivering successful I.T. projects.

We do this by following

Our six core principles

Success requires

Understanding the problem

Carefully defined requirements are the foundation of a successful implementation. The key to KeyBoarders is developing an understanding of a client’s unique business environment – we think that this is an important part of being able to deliver a solution that brings value to you. So we employ staff who are specialists not only in technology but also in business processes and we cover a skill often overlooked by traditional consulting companies: the ability to “read between the lines”, defining business requirements that aren’t explicitly stated. In this way we can learn about our clients’ business and needs rapidly and without overburdening their staff.

Success requires

Innovative solutions

Solid requirements are not the only thing a project needs to succeed. Solutions should be thoughtful, practical and effective but at KeyBoarders we even go a step beyond the expected. We challenge our teams to create inventive, sustainable and economical solutions. Our experts have wide ranging experience and the wisdom to use it well; we don’t waste time on what some call “analysis paralysis”. We instead supply our clients with well researched options and exactly the information needed to make an informed decision on time.

Success requires

A high performing team

Once we understand the client’s needs and have determined together the most appropriate solution we quickly assign the most knowledgeable resources in those technology areas to participate in the implementation. With staff located all over the world we are often able to work around the clock and we have some of the best and brightest young minds in our talent pool to choose from. This enables KeyBoarders to build a team of individuals uniquely suited to work on each project. And throughout the implementation our clients interface with a local project team who manages the efforts of any offsite staff, making the service delivery seamless and easy for the client.

Success requires


Since we take an agile approach to project management our teams are often able to work with a client to prioritize components of the solution and deliver these items quickly. In this way the client is able to realize a return on investment much earlier in the project than with a traditional waterfall approach. This also allows the project team to respond earlier to changes in requirements, driving down the instances of rework and ensuring the end result meets the needs even if the need changes midstream.

Success requires


Transparency into our operations and the project status is necessary to ensure that the project is continuously aligned with the client’s needs and changing business environment. KeyBoarders offers a client portal where stakeholders and project team members can access and share information, and our project management staff excels in keeping team member informed and disseminating appropriate details to each level of your organization.

Success requires

A smooth transition

When a project closes it is important that the client have the knowledge and capability to sustain and grow the technology that has been implemented. We do this by identifying and working with champions within all levels the organization, training and transitioning knowledge at every opportunity and by ensuring that all appropriate technical and leadership skills are in place before the project closes. A successful implementation must remain successful once KeyBoarders has left or we have not done our job appropriately.